Our team

The House of DE TONGE is inhabited by a dynamic team infused with passion and creative excellence.
Each of those who wear our colors are accomplished professionals.
Because our mission is to dress the space of those who trust us with their dreams, their projects, advise, understand, and concretize are the verbs that are the foundation of our daily lives.


`` Having your own manufacturing workshop is opening up the perspective of bespoke and tailor made design '' Interior designer for complete development projects, Régine knew the House of DE TONGE well before entering as a partner on the big projects. What seduced her? Work for a brand that has its own manufacturing workshop, which can create on demand a unique and original piece or project. Bespoke design is her adrenaline; to work with a very demanding clientele for extraordinary projects.

Guillaume DE TONGE


'' The requirement of service and quality for luxury and bespoke design '' Guillaume fell into it as a child; his father Henry DE TONGE founded with his own brother the House of DE TONGE in 1967. With a father craftsman and a grandfather antiquarian, Guillaume grew up among extraordinary vintage furniture, in a family home which resembled more a showroom. After working in the world of media and the Internet, Guillaume joined the House of DE TONGE in 2007. It is a privilege for him to be able to acquire a family business, and thus perpetuate a journey that began with his grandfather.


Design office

'' Attention to detail is the art of the House of DE TONGE and what marks its timelessness '' Stephan is an interior designer, specialized kitchens. More than a passion, it is a vocation; he grew up under the drawing tables of his father architect himself. He found in the House of DE TONGE something to quench his thirst for his curiosity of learning each trade. As he likes to follow all the steps of a project, he is as involved in sales, creation, workshop manufacturing and site monitoring. But his real mission is not just to support every project, its to offers what customers need most: Trust and comfort.


Commercial coordination

'' A commercial response adapted to the culture of each project '' Sandrine ensures the commercial coordination of the House of DE TONGE since 2011. Loving to evolve in a structure on a human scale, she is a true interface in the communication between the customers and the various services. She has no automatism in her work as each client is unique in its approach and culture. These cultural differences force her to adopt certain commercial positions and in fact adapt to each of them. The international clientele makes all the richness of her profession.



``A team of a human scale with advanced expertise`` Sophie has been an accountant at the House of DE TONGE since 1982. Her seniority makes her a living memory of the House. From her position, she saw the whole journey of the company, from the opening of the first showroom to the passing of the torch between Henry and his son Guillaume DE TONGE. In this small team, she feels like family and confesses herself with mischief '' to be part of the furniture ''.



'' Be at the start of each piece; Starting from the raw material and shaping it '' Cabinetmaker at the workshop, François is at the heart of every piece of the House of DE TONGE. He starts from the raw material and gives it body, that is his role. Passionate, François is a craftsman whose practice is rare in France, namely for the shaping of oak, solid oak which today is a pledge of nobility. This requires special tools and above all precautions and know-how specific to this living essence, which has become the hallmark of the House of DE TONGE.


Workshop manager

'' The upscale imposes proximity with all teams of the project '' Alain is a tenor of the House of DE TONGE. Hired in 1977, he is now responsible for production and programming. Alain translates the established demand into technical language. Each time it is a new adventure to technically solve the customer's request and bring life to his imagination. It is not only a question of making a piece of furniture in wood, but of finding solutions for the furnishing, by apprehending all the dimensions of the piece.