The French Excellence
since 1967

House of DE TONGE: 50 years of constantly renewed inspiration

Know-how & Modernity

Since its creation in 1967, DE TONGE has developed a unique know-how, nourished by tradition, demand, research and practice. But the know-how has value only if it last in time, evolving in the manner of a varnished finished on a vintage piece of furniture. DE TONGE is not a workshop frozen in the repetition of an immutable custom. It is a link between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

House of tradition

50 years of practice and expertise have forged our unique ability. Like fashion designers, we offer our customers solutions that most resemble them. Whatever the stages, manufacturing, finishing, services, the requirement and the follow-up are still in order because the level of quality of our creations in house of DE TONGE is a reference in high-end furniture.

Solid oaks from the forests of Burgundy and Isere are carefully selected. The furniture we offer makes no concessions to quality. That’s why we sign them.

Entreprise responsable

The wood

Sourced mainly from French solid oak, our partner sawmills are all labeled FSC and PEFC, thus ensuring eco-management of forests. This allows them to certify the delivery of pads that have not undergone chemical insecticide treatment.
Our raw material is the noblest and purest of all, and it is renewable.

The manufacture

Our fabrications use solid oak essentially, or even 3-ply oak or block oak if needed. We do not use particleboard or MDF, which is largely composed of chemical glue with a high level of potentially toxic C.O.V (Volatile Organic Compound).
Our finishes and finishing products, whether varnishes or paints, are certified with the highest rating (A +) for the emission of C.O.V. according to the ISO16000 standard.
Sawdust and falling wood, cardboard packaging, solvent cans … Everything is recycled within the regulatory channels.

The showroom and the administration

Already optimized in terms of energy savings, our premises are the subject of a roof covering project facing south with photovoltaic panels to make it almost autonomous.
All of the company’s stationery is printed on recycled paper.

Furniture renovation service

Our furniture are durable. After 20 or 30 years spent with their DE TONGE furniture, our customers, whether because they move or just want to change, can not resolve to get rid of. They are aware of their quality, and also of the ecological impact of their gesture.
To meet their legitimate expectations, we offer them the services of our workshops to repaint and renovate their furniture to give new life to their DE TONGE furniture.

50 years of inspiration
constantly renewed

In 2017, Maison DE TONGE celebrated its 50th anniversary…
50 years have gone by and we have yet to age, inventing and reinventing oneself, anticipating trends, infusing them, imagining and designing furniture that lasts and whose flame does not go out. 50 years of meetings, with our customers, our partners, our suppliers. 50 years of tradition and 50 years of modernity.

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